Korea Digital Sextant - How to use Briefly


The Old Sailors' Tool That Saved Apollo 13


An article about US Navy Sextant Decision

Below link news dated on Jan 2018 is about that The US Navy restarted training in celestial navigation and sextant use due, in part, to concerns about GPS jamming. Digital Sextant is free from GPS and when lost signal on sailing, this is an essential device for safety by checking the vessel's position.

An article about GPS problem posted on the New York Times

  Below link is about for GPS problem from OPINION section of the New York Times. Korea Digital Sextant is the digital type sextant which can calculate & fix a ship's position very easily in a short time without GPS. This can be used as a backup device in case of need and urgent case. 

LEEYOUNG SND and MOKPO National Maritime University signed on Industry-Academic Cooperation Education and Research Exchange Agreement

On 26th January,  LEEYOUNG SND signed an agreement with Division of Navigation and Information systems of MOKPO National Maritime University on industry-academic cooperation education and research exchange. Division of Navigation and Information Systems aims to bring up the high-quality merchant marine officer, who combines with IT technology to lead the marine science and the marine transportation industry. In summary, the contents of the agreement are the mutual education and the system establishment of industry-academia cooperation and development of joint research projects and joint research programs. Korea Digital Sextant will be used as a training devices at Mokpo National Maritime University and LEEYOUNG SND will support the education and training.

EBS TV Program 'Very Extraordinary Journey' - Voyage on Ieodo through Astronomical Navigation

  EBS(Korea educational broadcasting) is broadcasting about the story of sailor Seung-jin Kim sailing in the winter sea from this week.  In the episode 2 broadcast dated on 12th January, the story of sailing to Ieodo only using astronomical navigation will be broadcast. # Ieode: The southernmost island in Korea  Through this episode, Korea Digital Sextant will be introduced.  Source:

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